Mashrouy TV competition

Mashrouy is a TV competition that aims to spread the idea of ​​entrepreneurship among young people in Sudan.

Twelve contestants compete with each other to present the best business idea.  Their ideas will then be developed and refined by a panel of business executives will then help them refine their ideas and provide valuable professional advice. After a series of challenges and twists, six contestants will be chosen by the panel of judges. From these six contestants, three will then be chosen to move forward by the public live on air. The viewers will vote for the winning contestant who will win a prize of 200,000 SDG.  The second prize is 150,000 SDG and the third prize is 100,000 SDG.  The three winners will enjoy a three-week trip to the UK with the opportunity to meet other creative entrepreneurs.

The competition aims to shed light on the vast opportunities that entrepreneurship can provide to the youth in Sudan.

Mashrouy is part of a collaborative partnership between the British Council, the British Embassy and the Sudanese Young Business Men Association (SYBMA) to promote youth creative entrepreneurship in Sudan.

this project has generated lots of interest and momentum among youth across Sudan . we have received around 2500 applications 25% of the them submitted by females and one third of the applicants  were under 25 years old and more than half of the applications new ideas ,

The frist selection the 24 best applications completed and conducted professionally, neutrally and with extreme transparency as the applications have been handed over to several internal committees ending with an unbiased committee of experts from different fields to give their technical input on the projects.

The selection process focused on the innovative aspect of the projects as well as the feasibility of their implementation. The selection committee has commented that the applications revealed the exact objectives the contest was aiming for, which is encouraging the innovative spirit in the youth and seek non traditional opportunities of investment. Most of the projects responded to public needs, for example some of the projects designed to solve the waste management problem innovatively, others were more attentive to agricultural schemes and creative techniques of irrigation.

a press conference was held on 8th July where we announced the short-listed candidates and the end of the selection process .  the 24 short-listed candidates had  been  invited to meet  with  the panels to make the final list. 12 candidates have been selcted and  trained in presentaion skills, dealing with Camera, projects , marketing plan and business development  so as to prepare them for the competition, then the top three candidates will be chosen as per the qulaity of thier projects and the way they present them to the public through Blue Nile TV.

Mashrouy airs on Sudany 15th  December  2013 on Blue Nile TV at 8:15pm (Sunday  &Wednesday at 8:15pm )  The main sponsor, Sudani Telecom, as well as our sponsors Haggar Holding, the CTC group and United Capital Bank .

For more information about Mashrouy, please go to the Mashrouy website  or visit the Mashrouy Facebook page.