A man and a woman listening to Obla Air on the radio

Photo: Ala Kheir

Tune into Obla Air, our LearnEnglish radio series

Obla Air is a lively radio drama from the British Council designed to help you learn and improve your English.

Each 15 minute episode follows the adventures of Maas Obla, the owner and pilot of the budget airline Obla Air, as he and his crew try to keep their only airoplane flying high.

Tune in to Middleton Hall, our learning English radio series!

Middleton Hall is a radio drama-based series for low-level learners of English which focuses on English for social purposes. 

Story background: Middleton Hall is a small country house hotel just outside London. It is owned by Charles Middleton and his wife, Janet. They are a rather unworldly couple and leave the day-to-day running of the hotel to their manager, Sitwell, who rules his staff with a rod of iron.

Radio schedule

Capital Radio (FM 91.6) – Friday at 11.00 am & reruns on Saturday at 11.00 am. 

UoK Radio (Fm 93.3)- Monday 10:30 am & reruns on Tuesday 03:00 am and Wednesdays 22:00


If you are interested in broadcasting Middleton Hall or other Learn English audio pilots from the British Council, please contact us.