"The Effective communication skills workshop has changed the way I look at how I communicate.  The workshop has helped me to identify areas I want to work on, so I can improve my relations professionally, but I can also use it personally too."
Student (Effective communication skills)

"I was nervous about joining the Presentation skills workshop. I was scared about standing in front of my colleagues and giving a presentation. But because of the way the course is delivered and the materials that you work through I actually really enjoyed myself. I also got to watch two videos of me presenting, one at the beginning of the training and one at the end. The improvement I made in just three days was amazing.  I now know exactly what I need to do so I can be the best presenter!"
Student (Presentation skills)

"The content of the Positive influencing skills workshop was really stimulating. It was the first time I had ever thought of these concepts and techniques. I can’t wait to take them back into my work."
(Positive influencing skills)

"I learnt a lot about how organise my ideas and use the correct formats and conventions. I got techniques on how to proof-read my work before I submit it. Everything we did I can apply immediately to my job; I am sure my manager will notice an improvement in my reports as a result."
(Writing effective reports)