British Council Sudan is launching bespoke Professional Development Courses, which support businesses, NGOs and public sector organisations to accelerate their staff’s professional development.

The British Council has more than 75 years’ experience in teaching and training worldwide. We have developed cutting edge professional development courses to meet each organisation’s aspirations. Our unique training methodology is learner-centred, interactive, practical, experiential and highly enjoyable, ensuring lasting benefits in the workplace.

Our personalised approach to partnership includes:

  •  Needs analysis to identify your organisation’s key objectives
  •  Creating a bespoke programme to address your needs
  •  Delivery of programmes by experienced trainers
  •  Assessment of participants’ progress to ensure that your needs and objectives are met

Take a look at our range of courses and select those you are interested in. The British Council Corporate team will be available to discuss your choices and your training and development needs.

Upcoming courses:

Course  Number or seats
Writing Persuasive Proposals  16
Effective Negotiation Skills 16
Time Management  20
CV Writing Skills 20
Interview Skills 20
Networking and Relationship Building for Success 16
Delivering Service Excellence 16
Interpersonal Communications Skills 16
Time Management  20
Effective Public Speaking 16
Effective Report Writing  16
Networking and Relationship Building For Success 16
Better Emails  16
Success with Presentations  12

How to register

If you are registering as an individual approach our customer service desk.

If a company is sponsoring you, kindly contact:

Important note: These workshops are delivered entirely through English. We strongly recommend that participants self-evaluate their English competency before registering to ensure they gain full benefit. You may wish to use this online level test.

 Course Directory 2020

Written Communication

Better Emails

Writing Digital Content

Grammar Foundations

Minutes of Meetings

Reports that Work 

Taking Your Grammar to the Next Level 

Writing Customer - focused Emails 

Writing Persuasive Proposals 

Writing for Social Media

Personal Effectiveness

Increasing your Personal Productivity 

Networking and Relationship Building for Success 

Time Management 

Interpersonal Communication

Advanced Presentation Skills 

Effective Negotiation Skills 

Effective Public Speaking 

Interpersonal Communications Skills 

Positive Influencing Skills

Presentation Slide Essentials 

Success with Presentations

Customer Service

Delivering Service Excellence 

For more information, email us directly at: