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Ministry of Education

Working closely with the Federal and State Ministries of Education, the British Council organised a national consultancy. Unprecedented in scale, representatives attended from all 17 of Sudan’s States. The result of this consultative process will form the basis of the final framework for a National Teacher Training Strategy in Sudan

This project is the initial part of a revolutionary commitment to raise teaching standards in schools across Sudan; elevating the skills of all teachers and improving the learning experience of every student.

We are currently running trainer-training and teacher-training courses across the states in Sudan, aiming to give teachers access to up to date, child-centered teacher methodology coupled with a language improvement program. Most importantly, the program works on the basis of capacity building. All the trainers are selected by the Ministry of Education to be trained by the British Council.

To date, we have engaged with 259,569 people on our national level teacher training programme (255,000 students, 4,250 primary school student teachers, 202 trainers/tutors of primary education, 100 Academic Heads in primary education and 38 School inspectors).

A Participant in English for Teaching Training from Al Kalakla said:

We all appreciate the efforts of the British Council so much for making this happen for us. We have come out of our cocoon and are all better teachers now. Our students are happier and learning more.’

In 2013, The British Council is also working in partnership with World Bank, the National Centre for Curriculum and Educational Research (NCCER), and the Federal Ministry of General Education to redevelop the English Language curriculum in order that the teachers are not only well trained, competent and confident speakers of English, but also have access to quality teaching materials. This successful partnership resulted in the development of the curriculum document for books 1&2, and the manuscript of book1, in addition to developing the capacity of 10 national material writers.

The new English language curriculum (SMILE) will further support the work of those teachers and the 25,000 other teachers and 5 million school children within Sudan.


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