"I learned English at Intermediate school and joined the British Council to improve it. English allows me to communicate easily and enhances my chances of getting a job when I go abroad. The great thing about learning at the British Council is the friendly and interactive environment between the teachers and the students. Speaking English opens up opportunities regardless of ethnicity, colour or background. My advice to someone learning English would be to not be afraid of making mistakes and to stop translating everything into Arabic."

Sara, university student (General English, Upper-intermediate 3)

"I have been learning English for almost 13 years. It is my first time studying at the British Council and I am enjoying it very much.  English has helped me very much in my daily university lectures, because all the notes are in English.  By joining this course I improved my knowledge and vocabulary.  Learning English will open many opportunities for me, and also I can express myself more easily and freely than in any other language."

Lujain Ismail Dahab, 4th year Electronic Engineering BS, Sudan University (General English, Upper-intermediate 3)