Monday, 27 June 2016 - 10:00 to Sunday, 28 August 2016 - 16:30

Theme: National Animal or Flower

Age groups 8 and under, 9 – 11 and 12 – 15  years old

How to take part:

• We would like students to create a piece of art based on national animals or flowers of their choice.

• Base a lesson on the theme, or adapt one as close as you can. You can present it in any context you like. 

• Set the competition. It can be done at home, in class or at an open day.

• Entries should be as creative as possible. 

• Entries should be between A4 and A3 size and art materials should be used that give strong colours and lines, such as paint, pastels, collage or wax crayons. Anything bright and strong – coloured pencils are too faint.

• Ask the entrants to make up a title for their picture (the theme is not the title).

• On the back of each entry, entrants should write the title of their picture, their name, their age and the name of the teaching centre. Please double check that the information is correct and clear.

Hand the entries to the competition co-ordinator by the closing date

Eman Ibrahim – YL Coordinator

Closing date: Saturday 28th August,2016


There will be local prizes for the winning picture and runners-up in each age group.

The three winners (one from each age group) will then be entered into the global young learners’ art competition. This will be held in September 2016.  

The three winning pictures and nine runners-up from the global competition will be displayed in 2017 calendar, other promotional materials and on the British Council