The World Voice programme aims to ensure that, through training, collaboration and resources, young people have the opportunity to use singing to develop their musicality and support wider learning.

World Voice Aims

  • To share British expertise in singing education with classrooms globally and to promote an exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding between all participating countries.
  • To increase knowledge & understanding of diverse cultures, with an emphasis on authenticity.
  • To support colleagues from around the world who wish to learn more about singing leadership techniques.To provide a network for countries to forge long-lasting working relationships.
  • To provide resources which teachers and young people can use in the classroom.
  • To celebrate singing as a fundamental global expressive art.

Why Sing?

Research has demonstrated that singing has multiple benefits.  It is universally agreed that it should be central to any musical education, but it can also support other areas of educational learning and wider school life.  Using songs to support subject and topic learning can provide a more varied and creative lesson, but it can also help to reinforce what is being taught.  It is known that adding rhythm/melody to key information (such as alphabet, times tables, days of the week, countries or grammar rules etc.) will help pupils learn and remember them

In Sudan we started the implementation of the programme in September 2015 in collaboration with the ministry of education. We brought 44 students from three secondary schools in Khartoum and around 30 teachers observing and benefiting from the delivery of sessions by UK singing trainer. 

The students in just five days managed to sing five different songs from different countries; it proves that the music and singing can help broadening students’ horizon, knowledge and understanding and learn more information and facts related to history, geography and languages etc.

 "During the grand finale of the programme I wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t go to school in the morning but it was hard to miss this event as I learnt a lot and fully enjoyed the  mixture of learning , creativity , singing and fun"

 One of Students participating in the programme 

In Jan 2016 a second legacy visit concluded and the UK singing trainer delivered a more focussed training for 33 teachers on how to use and incorporate singing in classrooms and embed it in the mainstream curriculum, 

To access and learn about more songs from other countries, please visit the world songbook.

“Music and singing are integral part of the educational and learning process as it offers an enabling, interactive, friendly and safe environment for pupils to proactively learn and enjoy the school activities”  a teacher trainee 



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