English Language Curriculum Reform Project (ELCRP) In Sudan


More than 20 years have passed since “SPINE” (English language curriculum) was published to support basic education in Sudan. A great deal has changed in terms of methodology, learning activities and concepts since that time. The current curriculum has become outdated and lacks both cohesion and a cross – curricular dimension. It also lacks insight in regard to Sudanese values, traditions and beliefs.

In the context of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the Basic Education Recovery Project (BERP), the British Council was awarded a two-year consultancy contract to support NCCER to develop a new ELT curriculum for grades 3-9. This new curriculum “SMILE” stands for Sudan Modern Integrated Learning of English. Each grade will consist of a student  book, activity book, teachers’ book, audio component ( CD or tape) and flash cards.

In order to develop 7 books for grades 3-9 within 2 years, two teams will be assigned to the project ,working concurrently for an average of 6 months. 

Each team is composed of an international consultant, a national Consultant and 10 writers (mostly national). Both teams will be supported by 3 special advisors and a team of artists. A project Management Board will be established with representatives from the Federal Ministry of General Education (FMoGE), Basic Education Recovery Project (BERP), National Centre for Curricula and Education Research (NCCER) and the British Council, to oversee the project and ensure it meets its objectives within the set schedule.

This new ELT curriculum will take account of  national and international standards. SMILE aspires to prepare Sudanese children to participate productively in the 21st century. Pupils will become aware of English as an international language and as a tool of communication. A student-centred curriculum and a topic-based syllabus will help pupils to become confident English language users through enjoyable and stimulating language learning activities. 


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